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First Steps
Jerry Jenkins
1. This is an insightful article by the world famous author,
Jerry Jenkins.
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Publication Timeline
2. Attached is a copy of the timeline to expect for publication and when items are due.
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Once you are ready to proceed, you begin the process by completing the attached Zamiz Press contract and sending in your finished manuscript. Once the manuscript is sent to me, there are no editing or changes allowed by the author. Zamiz Press edits all manuscripts after acceptance, but you can choose to accept or decline the edits. We cannot accept further manuscript changes by the author after it has been sent to us to be published.
The Chilton Method
3. Here is the marketing course that I recommend, if you feel like it would be useful. You can decide on this after signing up for the free email list and watching the
free videos.
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Strength for Parents of Missing Children
4. Another resource you may want to take a look at is one of my bestselling books, it's a great template for how to structure your book, along with tips and tricks found throughout.
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I look forward to seeing what your market research unveils!

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Task Time Period
Send fully edited and completed manuscript to Marie This begins the timeline  
Send all cover, author and interior images As soon as possible  
Research and email cover ideas with samples As soon as possible  
Research and finalize book title and subtitle Within first two weeks  
Watch author training videos Within first two weeks  
Start book launch team (if applicable) Three months prior to release  
Write author bio, dedication and acknowledgments Within first week  
Ask any person mentioned in the book for permission Within first four weeks  
Write book description for Amazon Within first four weeks  
Finalize front cover design As soon as presented  
Review edited manuscript for ANY mistakes As soon as presented  
Research and send 6 keywords for Amazon Within a few days of request  
Set-up accounts with KDP, Createspace, Ingram, etc. As soon as requested  
Watch additional author marketing videos Within 2 weeks of request  
Get endorsements from celebs, etc. As soon as possible  
Decide on the price of each format One month prior to release  
Approve final version of the book As soon as presented  
Order your first copy of the book As soon as available